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Everybody’s Talking about Virtual Learning and Mobile Learning

Posted by Josh Klarin on November 12, 2013

Everyone has a virtual learning environment (VLE) whether they know it or not. It can take many shapes and forms. Maybe you are accessing portals for learning. Or marketing information. Or product tips. Or social collaboration.

Maybe you are using FaceTime or GoToMeeting for your  meetings. Maybe your people are using their devices to access content, answer questions, or seek help. And maybe you haven’t thought the whole thing through enough to know how best to leverage this wonderful situation, capture data, identify gaps, and most importantly, impact your business.

Learning is back in the spotlight

And it is entirely different than ever before. Information is more accessible than ever. BUT, is it the right info and the right time? Is it in the right place? Does everyone have access? Are you capturing utilization and identifying gaps? Are you providing offline, untethered content?

More and more of our workers are looking to enabling technology to provide the solution. But that is only part of the answer. Learning can be better than ever thanks to the various platforms and growing user familiarity. As tools evolve and improve, I frequently hear anecdotes about poor user acceptance, utilization, adoption, and experience. This is because too often the focus is on the platform and not the content and experience. We have to look deeper into the content and how it addresses the real needs and situations being faced. Everyone puts a ton of information online but do not take the time to define and design it for proper use. Our content collections, their objectives, and the necessary measurements must be part of the equation.

Ask yourself this question:
“Do we have a strategy and plan for maximizing our VLE?”

You already have or are in the process of creating your own VLE. You have, no doubt, invested in multiple tools and systems, but how are they working? Do users have to go to multiple locations to find what they need? Do they have to be connected to the internet or company intranet? Can you track, measure, and report activity? Also, are you achieving your planned ROI? Are people adopting and using the tools? The goal of learning is the creation of an engaged, competent, high performing workforce. It is the means to a successful end as defined by your goals and objectives?

Make today's tools work FOR you

There has never been a better way to leverage, validate, and reinforce knowledge and information than the tools and technology available today. But it only works if you have a vision, strategy, blueprint, and if you are empowered to execute it. A VLE will provide relevant intelligence, the ability to get what you need when you need it, understand what they are looking for, and collect data to address gaps in learning and support.

You will see better performance, more engaged employees, higher adoption and application rates, and real business results when you have a well thought out plan. 
If you don’t have a plan, you need one.

Learn more about Virtual Learning Environments by watching the following video:



About the Author: Josh Klarin, Vice President of Business Development, Consulting at Sequent.



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