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Protect your Personal Brand: 3 Must Do's for Consultants/ Contractors

Posted by John LaMotta on January 7, 2016

For the past seven years I have coached and worked with hundreds of professionals who have acted as either a consultant or a contractor. Over the years, I’ve noticed these professionals are ALWAYS selling their personal brand. The rewards of a consulting life can be great, but unnecessary mistakes could lower your market value or worse cost you a great future opportunity. Today, we’ll review 3 areas which will help you to protect your favorite brand, YOU!

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Topics: Recruiting and Staffing

Competing for Talent in Today's Knowledge Economy

Posted by Joe Cole on September 24, 2015

Human capital is more important today than capital equipment. A company's greatest asset is its people. The companies that realize that are the more successful in this new

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Topics: Human Resources, Recruiting and Staffing

Project Specific Staffing Offer Impactful Solutions

Posted by Beth Thomas on August 13, 2015

Companies need talented and experienced people to help them implement new systems and processes to improve efficiency and productivity, but only for a short time. That’s why contract employees are getting more attention.

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Topics: Change Management, Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring the Right Talent Can Be Costly, but Worth the ROI

Posted by John LaMotta on July 23, 2015

When you’re looking to hire there are costs involved. A cost for a recruiter to find a qualified candidate, costs for the hiring managers to conduct the interviews, costs for on-boarding and the cost of training and bringing the candidate up to speed. Everything about bringing someone into a company costs money.

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Topics: Recruiting and Staffing

Use Some Sense: 5 Tips to NOT 'Stink Up' an Interview

Posted by John LaMotta on June 18, 2015

BIG interview on the horizon?

Have you ever thought about how our senses; sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch, help to determine our decisions? By definition, our senses are how our brains perceive the world around us. Are you aware of what you are unintentionally communicating to an interviewers’ 5 senses?

5 Tips for Positive Communication in an Interview:

1. Do they like what they see?

You are your own brand. Marketing your brand starts with your visual appearance and the body language you convey during the interview.  The visual cues you project are continuously being processed (consciously / unconsciously) by the interviewer. You have a captured audience, plan ahead to make a great 1st impression of your brand! How? Smile, dress appropriately, be well groomed, make eye contact and project a positive and collaborative attitude.

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Topics: Recruiting and Staffing

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