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Top 20 Questions to ask before Partnering with a PEO

Posted by William Hutter on December 15, 2016

The Professional Employer Organization (PEO) business has penetrated every corner of the American economy.  Outsourcing of employer obligations and duties is a well-established way of doing business for nearly every industry. Hospitals, colleges, state and federal government, cities, transportation and private industry all use specialty service providers to outsource everything from running the company cafeterias, janitorial services, security services, attorneys, payroll services, employee benefits, building maintenance, human resources management and CFO for hire.

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Sequent Heads South of the Border

Posted by Rita Hook on November 29, 2016

Sequent's International team traveled south of the border to Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico to meet with business leaders to discuss doing business across the borders.

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Topics: Human Resources, PEO, Professional Employment Organization

Motivated to Stay

Posted by Della Martin on September 19, 2013

The economy is finally picking back up, albeit slowly.  An unfortunate consequence of this improvement is that more employees are apt to leave for “better” opportunities now that more opportunities are available to them.  Also unfortunate is the fact that your best employees are the ones other employers will consider most attractive.  All these factors can result in a critical loss to your business of human capital right when you need it most to meet increasing business demands.

So how can you enhance your chances of keeping the “keepers”?

You already know you need to pay competitive wages and offer a competitive benefits package. These factors are important, but can be quite costly. Of course you can always retain employees by providing them with such a high level of pay and benefits, they can not afford to leave. With increasing global competition, unsustainable increases in health insurance costs, and decreasing margins many businesses are finding it more challenging to just “throw money” at the problem and few can provide “golden handcuffs” to retain their top talent.  Besides, although not offering competitive wages or benefits can be a significant dissatisfier, pay and benefits rarely satisfy employees for a significant period of time. We human beings just tend to “up” our standard of living, expectations, and “want” list; there’s always more and better “stuff” to be had.

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Are HR / Employee Issues your Strength...

Posted by Brent King on September 17, 2013

You are busy running your business, you have it all figured out and everything seems just perfect…until things like PPACA, new government regulations, an employee gets hurt on the job, a discrimination law suit notice arrives, a missed payroll deadline just happened – again. All you really want to do is run your business, grow
ur dream, and bring your passion to life! 

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Topics: Human Resources, PEO, Professional Employment Organization

Not all service providers are created equal ....

Posted by William Hutter on August 9, 2013

... You get what you pay for!

The growth and acceptance of outsourcing of the HR and payroll management function continues to grow. Why? Constantly changing tax laws, reporting requirements and multi-state filing issues have created huge compliance issues for companies of any size. This kind of outsourcing growth always attracts business operators with less than proper credentials to a fast growth, quick-dollar investment opportunity.  

Can a Third Party Agent (payroll processor) protect you from tax liability?  The IRS says "no."

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Topics: Compliance, Professional Employment Organization

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