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The role of the gun slinger

Posted by William Hutter on April 6, 2017

What happens in the early stages of a company’s development?

Let's look at the trials and tribulations of a company’s growth and development. First, let us set the scene: A company is on the path to success … great growth … exciting leadership … but has very little management.

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Topics: Organizational Development

Right on Time! When to Bring in an OCM Expert for Your Next System Implementation Project

Posted by Lauren Harris on March 2, 2017

I was recently asked by a colleague outside of the Organizational Change Management space the following question….

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Topics: Change Management, Organizational Development

Wait - Why Are We Doing This?

Posted by Rick Presley on December 29, 2016

Have you ever found yourself hip deep in the middle of a project, covered over with task lists, facing a deadline and you suddenly asked yourself, “Why are we doing this?” Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. We all tend to become so distracted by the alligators that we forget we’re supposed to be draining the swamp. Instructional designers are not immune to this as they go deeper into designing interactive timelines, branching scenarios, and gamified quizzes. Fortunately, there is a tool at our disposal that keeps us from being distracted for long. It’s the Training Needs Analysis or TNA.

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Value-Driven Organizations Outperform the Competition

Posted by Midge Streeter on April 16, 2015

Mission, vision and values…we hear these three words in the same sentence on a regular basis. As consultants, we seek to understand the mission, vision and values of our client organizations. When assisting a startup organization, we coach leaders to define those three concepts starting with mission. I am here to say we got it all backwards!

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5 Good Reasons Why You Need Job Descriptions

Posted by Christie Engler on January 29, 2015

More than likely, you have heard the term ‘job description’ or ‘position description’ sometime in your work life. You know a job description to be a document that describes a job or position within a given organization. Information such as the duties and responsibilities of the job, required education and training, and amount of experience is outlined in the job description. This document is often synonymous with a job advertisement or posting.

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Topics: Organizational Development

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