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Communication Cascades and the Importance of Change Management

Posted by Kevin Hollo on November 22, 2016

A Match Made in Communications Heaven

How often have we seen a robust communication strategy fail during its implementation? No matter how great the idea, how creative the approach, our best communication efforts are only as strong as their execution. A hallmark of solid execution is measurability, and the best way to create a framework for reporting the efficacy of a communications cascade is via change management.

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Large Projects vs. Smaller Projects

Posted by David Stiles on October 27, 2016

In recent years I’ve had the opportunity to work on several large enterprise-wide software projects as well as several smaller projects for organizations. Although the work I was tasked with was similar, the way it was implemented was very different due to the project size.

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The Women of Sequent to Speak at NAPEO’s Annual Conference

Posted by Beth Thomas on August 28, 2015

The Women of Sequent have been asked to add their expertise to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations' annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on September 10 - 12.

EVP and Managing Director of Sequent Consulting, Beth Thomas, will lead a panel discussion on strategies to engage employees. They will discuss how engagement can impact your customer satisfaction and retention and how organizations can manage and develop employees who are not engaged and could potentially demotivate those they work with, in the session: “Increasing Your Bottom Line & Client Satisfaction Through Your People.”

Director of Marketing, Susan Burton, joins Tech Shepherd’s CEO, Ryan McInerney, to help companies learn the business value of an integrated digital marketing approach that brings together search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, and the entire spectrum of digital on non-digital tools. Using industry research, case studies, first-hand examples, and an interactive approach, they will help attendees define where they are, where they could be, and what they can do to get there in the session: “Digital Marketing: Embracing the Concept, Taking the First Steps, and Advancing Ahead.” 

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Writing Yourself Into a Corner

Posted by Annie Inks on February 5, 2015

We all want our finished work to look professional. However, formatting is often introduced too early in the development process by Learning and Development professionals with the right idea, but the wrong method. Adobe InDesign is one of my favorite tools for giving documents a great finished look. Unfortunately, it’s also widely used for word processing, which does not present too many problems…initially.

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18 Tips to Improve Your Next Presentation

Posted by Sean Doran on April 15, 2014

With presentations, whether you’re the presenter or an audience member, there’s one thing everyone is sharing — time. As the presenter, it’s your job to make the most out of your audience’s time and to help with that, here are some pointers to improve your next business presentation.

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