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What's New With FSAs & HSAs in 2016

Posted by Jay Kimbler on June 9, 2016

Are you aware of the new rules for FSAs & HSAs?

First, let's review. So what are these Pre-Tax Accounts again? And why should you consider them? FSAs and HSAs are tax-advantaged accounts that you elect each year which allow you to set aside money for health care expenses. For example:  

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When Decoding PPACA-Remember Abbott and Costello

Posted by William Hutter on December 3, 2015

Why is it important to understand Affordability Calculation?

Every time we start to dig a little deeper into Healthcare Reform, we understand the dysfunction of the federal government more and more.  We have decided that the only way to really understand ACA is treat it like the famous Abbott and Costello routine, Who’s on First?  In doing so, we can at least find some humor in the nonsensical circle of completely arbitrary regulatory rules.  Here's a link to the video to refresh your memory. 


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Do You have Questions about Medicare?

Posted by Gerry Keener on October 15, 2015

In the years I’ve spent administering benefits for our client companies and their worksite employees, I’ve seen employees struggle to understand Medicare. Usually it happens when an employee approaches their mid 60’s. This is when they start wondering about Medicare, and that’s when I receive the call asking, “I’m Medicare-eligible, now what do I do?”
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Medicare-eligible at 65. Now what?

Posted by Gerry Keener on October 9, 2014

Sequent is proud to host this information session about Medicare for a fifth time, which is conducted by Seniority Benefit Group. The next session will be on Tuesday, October 14th. Everyone is welcome to attend, either for yourself or on behalf of a relative or spouse that is soon to be 65.

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Helping Employees Understand How HSAs Work – Part 2

Posted by Gerry Keener on July 22, 2014

Your employees have started a Health Savings Account (HSA). They’ve put some money away for medical expenses. So, how do they maximize the benefits of their HSA?

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