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William Hutter

Bill is Sequent's leader, strategist and visionary. His thought leadership in business management and years of service industry experience helps to guide the company’s direction and growth.

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What is the Cost of Government Regulation?

Posted by William Hutter on September 28, 2017

Yes, health insurance is on everyone’s Top-Ten list. Unfortunately, there is NOT a lot of this information regarding the cost of regulation, therefore very few business leaders understand the real cost to the consumer.

Regulators and Bureaucrats

This past week I sat in a meeting with 4 attorneys, 1 CFO, 2 CEOs, 1 Senior Insurance Executive and a Plan Trustee.

During this 3-hour meeting, we spent 1 hour and 20 minutes talking about regulations, educating about being a plan sponsor and exploring how we can best protect the Board of Directors

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Topics: Compliance, Healthcare

Find your bellwether

Posted by William Hutter on August 24, 2017

How to identify the indicators in your industry that signal change

Through a company’s human resources department run many signals of how an industry is trending. For example, logistics and distribution of goods, workforce levels and compensation rates are all predictors of how an industry is trending relative to the economy.

Looking back before the onset of the Great Recession, there were signs that problems were coming.

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Topics: HR Department, Market Trends, Indicators

Let's Deal With Healthcare Reality! (Part 2)

Posted by William Hutter on July 20, 2017

A few weeks ago, we released part one of a two-part series on the reality of healthcare. Part one discussed the expenses of healthcare, providing an explanation for the rising costs and exploring the ACA design for failure. In continuation, part two investigates the realities of healthcare beyond the U.S., answering the question: Is socialized medicine, a "single-player" system, a viable alternative?

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Topics: Healthcare

Let's Deal With Healthcare Reality!

Posted by William Hutter on June 29, 2017

 The first thing we all must accept - HEALTHCARE IS NOT CHEAP.  

Everyone knows this - "Good isn't cheap and Cheap isn't good" - but somehow when it comes to healthcare coverage many people think this axiom shouldn't apply. Let me say it another way, healthcare is expensive.

Since 2013, according the the Ohio Dept of Insurance, Ohio has seen a 94% increase in the average cost for small employer groups! Yes, nearly doubling in 4 short years since the implementation of PPACA.

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Topics: Healthcare

It Was a Really Big Room in a Really Big Convention Center

Posted by William Hutter on June 23, 2017

American business is great again

It was a really big room, in a really big convention center. People from all over the world were gathered because of the U.S. economic climate and its promise to foreign companies. In numerous conversations, it became apparent that the leadership change in Washington DC has ignited world-wide attention and lit a very hot fire under economic engines around the globe. Everyone wants to come to America!   Translators were at the ready, companies were seeking economic development partners, states were seeking foreign investors, everyone was chasing China and match-making tables were set up in a kind of a speed dating environment.

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