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Joe Cole

As Regional Director and Executive Vice President at Sequent, Joe has been part of Sequent’s senior management team since 2002 and brings over 25 years of experience in business and entrepreneurial ventures. In his leadership role with Sequent’s business development team, and as a regional director, Joe’s extensive knowledge of the Professional Employer Services (PES) industry and the complex facets of the HR outsourcing industry serve him well in developing relationships and serving as a strategic business partner with clients. It is Joe’s sincere belief that “our pride comes from helping our clients succeed”.

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Although the future of ACA is uncertain, employers have reporting responsibilities in 2017

Posted by Joe Cole on January 26, 2017

Welcome to 2017… The Affordable Care act is still law but possibly not for long.  As the Repulicans in Congress try to figure out whether to replace the law immediately or over the next several years, as an employer you will still have reporting responsibilities. 

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Topics: Health Care Reform

What Drives Companies to Fall into Complacency?

Posted by Joe Cole on September 15, 2016

The here and now, It's the status quo that bars companies from exploring new ways to operate.  Status quo thinking manifests itself in many forms. One is a "this is the way we have always done it” mentality, an attitude that sometimes morphs into a company’s culture — and that in turn could stifle a company’s growth potential.  It’s often a company’s own success that fosters status quo behavior. 

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Topics: Leadership Development

Employment Litigation Based on Family Circumstances Continues to Rise

Posted by Joe Cole on June 23, 2016

Family responsibilities discrimination (FRD) continues its growth as the biggest challenge employers never see coming, according to a comprehensive new study from WorkLife Law at UC Hastings.

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Topics: Human Resources

Top 6 HR Mistakes that Affect your Company's Greatest Asset

Posted by Joe Cole on December 9, 2015

Companies know that employees are their greatest asset and greatest opportunity to differentiate their organization in a crowded marketplace.  While this is true, many of the same companies making these assertions are also making mistakes in human resources practices that directly affect their greatest asset.

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Topics: Human Resources

Competing for Talent in Today's Knowledge Economy

Posted by Joe Cole on September 24, 2015

Human capital is more important today than capital equipment. A company's greatest asset is its people. The companies that realize that are the more successful in this new

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Topics: Human Resources, Recruiting and Staffing

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