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Retirement in Motion

Posted by Phil Scott on November 2, 2017

Tips and resources that everyone can use

Amp Up Your Savings

In 2017, anyone at least 50 years old can contribute up to $24,000 to a 401(k).1 Even if that amount seems beyond your reach, you should make it a goal to save more this year than last, and increase your savings by at least one percentage point a year. If your company’s retirement plan offers an employer-matching contribution, take advantage of the maximum amount allowed, if you can. Expect a raise next year? Consider setting aside half of it for retirement.

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A High-Performance Culture

Posted by MJ Tang on October 26, 2017

No two cultures are exactly the same. Just as there is no one perfect personality, there is no one perfect culture. However, organizations that possess a healthy, high-performance culture all have a similar feeling about them.


Typical descriptions include:

“A flexible and highly adaptable culture is where employees display a ‘can-do’ attitude, a contagious sense of optimism and belief in themselves, and the company’s vision, mission and values. People at all levels of the organization would feel energized and empowered and would be growing both personally and professionally by being a part of the company.”

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The Entrepreneurial Effect

Posted by Joe Cole on October 12, 2017

Would you make an investment in a start-up tech business knowing that the founder may be creating regulatory and compliance liabilities? Of course not!

Here is a classic example that we hear all too often. “One of our investors is a financial planner and offers 401(k) plans, so we decided to go with him.”   Bad decision… as a fiduciary and plan sponsor, the entrepreneur has breached their responsibility

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How to Compete for Talent in Today's Market

Posted by Joe Cole on October 5, 2017

A Strategy for Winning The War for Talent!

In today’s knowledge economy, the value of employees has increased exponentially.

The talent that exists in a company has become a key differentiator in a market in which products or services can be easily replicated. A company’s greatest asset is its people. The companies that realize this are more successful in this new economy.

Midsize companies, however, often lack the resources to effectively manage the talent acquisition and retention process, putting them at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to competing for talent.

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What is the Cost of Government Regulation?

Posted by William Hutter on September 28, 2017

Yes, health insurance is on everyone’s Top-Ten list. Unfortunately, there is NOT a lot of this information regarding the cost of regulation, therefore very few business leaders understand the real cost to the consumer.

Regulators and Bureaucrats

This past week I sat in a meeting with 4 attorneys, 1 CFO, 2 CEOs, 1 Senior Insurance Executive and a Plan Trustee.

During this 3-hour meeting, we spent 1 hour and 20 minutes talking about regulations, educating about being a plan sponsor and exploring how we can best protect the Board of Directors

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