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Happiness Just Works - Part 2

Posted by Beth Thomas on March 23, 2017

If we continue the theme of “Happiness Just Works” from my first blog, we must figure out the best way to connect with our employees and our leadership in making this go from a thought to reality. As I mentioned before, the worst thing you can do is an “Employee Engagement” survey and do nothing with the results. When employees fill this out, it is a GIFT. A gift for you, as a leader, to understand what your employees need in order to be happy and satisfied at work. I don’t have to cite the statistics of what engaged/happy associates do to your retention, your customer loyalty and your bottom line. It baffles me that this is NOT a strategic initiative with leaders today, especially knowing that the market is turning from an employer market to an employee market. With a baby boomer retiring every 8 seconds, companies MUST figure out the best way to be an employer of choice and retain their top talent.

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The Forgotten Audience

Posted by Rick Presley on March 16, 2017

I always ask my clients “Who is this training for?” They usually answer, “Staff who will be using the software (or process) to accomplish the following tasks.”

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Topics: Change Management, Communication, Learning

Copay Myths

Posted by William Hutter on March 9, 2017

High-deductible plans reduce health insurance costs by skipping copays.

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Topics: Health Care Reform

Right on Time! When to Bring in an OCM Expert for Your Next System Implementation Project

Posted by Lauren Harris on March 2, 2017

I was recently asked by a colleague outside of the Organizational Change Management space the following question….

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"Happiness" just works

Posted by Beth Thomas on February 23, 2017

About the same time I wrote my book, Powered by Happy, the phrase "Employee Engagement" was gaining traction. It was great timing as my book is truly centered around employee engagement but my reference is happiness. Why? Because it just works!

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Topics: Employee Engagement, Communication

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