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The Women of Sequent to Speak at NAPEO’s Annual Conference

Posted by Beth Thomas on August 28, 2015

The Women of Sequent have been asked to add their expertise to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations' annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on September 10 - 12.

EVP and Managing Director of Sequent Consulting, Beth Thomas, will lead a panel discussion on strategies to engage employees. They will discuss how engagement can impact your customer satisfaction and retention and how organizations can manage and develop employees who are not engaged and could potentially demotivate those they work with, in the session: “Increasing Your Bottom Line & Client Satisfaction Through Your People.”

Director of Marketing, Susan Burton, joins Tech Shepherd’s CEO, Ryan McInerney, to help companies learn the business value of an integrated digital marketing approach that brings together search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, and the entire spectrum of digital on non-digital tools. Using industry research, case studies, first-hand examples, and an interactive approach, they will help attendees define where they are, where they could be, and what they can do to get there in the session: “Digital Marketing: Embracing the Concept, Taking the First Steps, and Advancing Ahead.” 

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Increasing User Adoption - Part 2

Posted by David Stiles on August 27, 2015

Last week's Part 1 of this blog article discussed the skill sets a change leader must possess in order to successfully increase user adoption. These skills include the willingness to ask users questions and the ability to listen and learn in order to better understand what users do.  

Part 2 of this article will explore the importance of understanding how your users feel about their current technology and the future changes that will take place in regards to it. Seeking the users' thoughts on business improvement is inherent to the success of increasing user adoption.

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Topics: Change Management

Increasing User Adoption - Part 1

Posted by David Stiles on August 20, 2015

The terms “technology adoption” and “user adoption” have become more and more popular in recent years. Just as a family might legally adopt a child – by joyfully embracing it and bringing it into their family – the terms “technology adoption” and “user adoption” refer to users embracing a technology or business process and bringing it into their job.

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Topics: Change Management

Project Specific Staffing Offer Impactful Solutions

Posted by Beth Thomas on August 13, 2015

Companies need talented and experienced people to help them implement new systems and processes to improve efficiency and productivity, but only for a short time. That’s why contract employees are getting more attention.

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Topics: Change Management, Recruiting and Staffing

Roth 401(k) Plans: Reviewing the Basics

Posted by Phil Scott on August 6, 2015

Sponsors of 401(k) plans have been permitted to amend their plans to accept Roth (after-tax) contributions since 2006. Plan participants can benefit from having their Roth contributions grow with tax-free earnings, and their contributions can be distributed to them at retirement with no future income tax liability. Unlike a Roth IRA, participation has no income limit and contributions can go up to the maximum allowed in a traditional 401(k) plan.

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Topics: Retirement Savings Plans

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