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Retirement Assets Continue Growth

Posted by Phil Scott on May 25, 2016

The economic recovery continues. Backing up that statement is the Investment Company Institute (ICI) report on the retirement assets of U.S. investors. 

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Business Transformation

Posted by George Armstrong on May 19, 2016

Business Transformation HOPE is not a Plan- Use OCM to ensure success.

Why do executives say employees are their most important asset yet consistently avoid investing in them with proven Organizational Change Management (OCM) practices?

OCM is often the last item included in project planning, and the first to be cut to contain costs. The truth is, the success of any program or project is tied directly to the level of OCM effort. 

Managing the people side of any project, business change, or technology implementation is not new. Project managers have managed this for decades. What is new, are the methodologies and formalized processes that streamline the people side of an event.

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Will the New Wage and Hour Rules Impact your Business?

Posted by Christie Engler on May 12, 2016

Who's Paying Attention?  Will the new Wage and Hour rules impact your business? You betcha’!

Proposed changes to federal regulations governing overtime pay may dramatically expand the number of employees entitled to overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA”) and employers should plan now for the impact.

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Jewels of the Messe

Posted by William Hutter on May 4, 2016

Once in a great while we all get to encounter a new environment – be exposed to ideas of the present that give us a glimpse of a future life. While attending the Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany, we saw ideas about manufacturing that were birthed in the early 1900s – but now have been integrated with complex digital technologies creating new possibilities that seemed unattainable a few years ago.

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Making the Most of Your SME

Posted by Kevin Hollo on April 27, 2016


The SME, or Subject Matter Expert, is a fixture in the worlds of e-learning, leadership development and organizational change management. As consultants, we’re often dropped into a battle zone of development or wholesale structural/systems change. The SME becomes our guide, our conduit to the business line, and in the best cases can act as organic, informal change agents in the field.

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