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Spring-Clean Your Finances: 10 Tips to Boost Savings

Posted by Phil Scott on May 28, 2015

Find items in your budget that you may be able to live without. Here are 10 quick and easy ideas for generating an extra $250 a month that could be redirected to your 401(k) or other retirement account.

Necessity … or Luxury?


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Bill Hutter will Serve as a Guest Panelist at The Global Executive Breakfast Series

Posted by Rita Hook on May 21, 2015

William Hutter, CEO of Sequent, a human resource and consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio, will be a guest panelist for The Global Executive Breakfast Series on June 11th at the World Trade Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Bill will be discussing the challenges and opportunities for employer’s in the ever expanding global market.

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Sequent Announces Partnership with High Tech Consulting Firm BizXpand

Posted by Susan Burton on May 14, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio and VIENNA, Austria - May 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sequent, a Human Resource Outsourcing and Consulting firm in Columbus, OH, announces a new alliance with High Tech consulting firm BizXpand located in Vienna, Austria.

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Need to Change Your Business, but Don't Know Where to Begin?

Posted by Beth Thomas on May 7, 2015

With today's changing business needs and economic climate, companies need to be dynamic and morph to the new business rules and processes in order to stay competitive. The big question seems to be, "Where do I begin?" 

At Sequent we realize that sometimes business changes can be overwhelming. At times like these, it might seem like you need to change or improve everything in order to move your business forward. That's why we have developed several different assessments – assessments designed for companies that know improvements need to be made, but don't know where to begin.

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Exploding Three Myths About Aging

Posted by Phil Scott on April 30, 2015

All our notions about getting older may simply be wrong, new research suggests

For better or worse, America has a youth-obsessed culture. Images of celebrities crowd our supermarket checkout lanes and hand-held devices, their creative talents superseded only by an ability to attract publicity.

This 24/7 media attention on youth also tends to project images of older people that show them in mental and physical decline, less productive at work—and even a bit grumpier to be around.

The media, it seems, mostly gets it wrong. Consider these three myths, debunked by a growing body of scientific research that suggests that life gets better as we grow older.

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