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Coming Into a New Company as a Senior Leader

Posted by Jacob Banker on April 20, 2017

Walking into a new company as a senior leader is a special experience and this experience is formed based on your motives and perspectives. For me, attitude was everything and we should not take it for granted.

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Topics: Leadership Development

Interns and Your Business

Posted by Kim Freeman on April 13, 2017

Summer internship season is here! Whether your business is an old pro at the internship game, or you are thinking of hiring your first one, there are a variety of legal issues to consider. Keeping current on compliance matters will ensure the company and interns get the most value from the experience.

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Topics: Compliance

The role of the gun slinger

Posted by William Hutter on April 6, 2017

What happens in the early stages of a company’s development?

Let's look at the trials and tribulations of a company’s growth and development. First, let us set the scene: A company is on the path to success … great growth … exciting leadership … but has very little management.

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Topics: Organizational Development

Empathy in Communication

Posted by Mark Deans on March 30, 2017

As many change management professionals will tell you, we are often the “person behind the curtain” pulling the strings and making project leaders and sponsors look good with their impacted employees. This often means that we ghost write communications that are shared throughout the organization, and we have the ability to influence the message that is delivered. While we drive the key messages, our leaders have a strong opinion of what they want to communicate. This is where we need to stand our ground and keep the focus on what is most important to the audience. Unfortunately, I recently lost this battle, but thanks to some hindsight and feedback, I am now able to articulate why focusing on what the audience cares about most is where the emphasis should be placed.

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Topics: Change Management, Communication

Happiness Just Works - Part 2

Posted by Beth Thomas on March 23, 2017

If we continue the theme of “Happiness Just Works” from my first blog, we must figure out the best way to connect with our employees and our leadership in making this go from a thought to reality. As I mentioned before, the worst thing you can do is an “Employee Engagement” survey and do nothing with the results. When employees fill this out, it is a GIFT. A gift for you, as a leader, to understand what your employees need in order to be happy and satisfied at work. I don’t have to cite the statistics of what engaged/happy associates do to your retention, your customer loyalty and your bottom line. It baffles me that this is NOT a strategic initiative with leaders today, especially knowing that the market is turning from an employer market to an employee market. With a baby boomer retiring every 8 seconds, companies MUST figure out the best way to be an employer of choice and retain their top talent.

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Topics: Employee Engagement

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