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Value-Driven Organizations Outperform the Competition

Posted by Midge Streeter on April 16, 2015

Mission, vision and values…we hear these three words in the same sentence on a regular basis. As consultants, we seek to understand the mission, vision and values of our client organizations. When assisting a startup organization, we coach leaders to define those three concepts starting with mission. I am here to say we got it all backwards!

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Topics: Organizational Development

Getting Employees' Attention is Key

Posted by Phil Scott on April 9, 2015

Having an effective employee engagement strategy is the most important component of a successful retirement plan, according to a recent white paper. The impacts of plan design, plan management, and investment solutions are all reduced without one.

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Topics: Retirement Savings Plans

Tips for Executives Leading Change

Posted by Beth Thomas on April 2, 2015

Smart leaders know they don’t “make change happen”. They understand that people in their organization do the work, change behaviors and, ultimately, make the change happen. They see that their role is to make the change meaningful and easier to accept. Smart leaders champion change.

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Topics: Change Management, Leadership Development

Should I Test People Before I Hire Them?

Posted by Aimee Houde on March 26, 2015

We get that question all of the time. The short answer: Yes. For the most part, assessments are a great tool for hiring and talent management.  

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Topics: Recruiting and Staffing

Another ACA Delay

Posted by Susan Burton on March 19, 2015

Fines for Small Business Premium Reimbursement are now delayed. Yes, there's another ACA delay. 

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Topics: Health Care Reform

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