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Planning Ahead - How to prepare for the future leadership of your company

Posted by William Hutter on September 30, 2014

Every organization is perfectly de­signed to achieve the results it is getting.The easiest way to explain this idea is to look at a sports organization.

As a spectator, it is really easy to see things about a play, a player or a team dynamic that the coach must not be seeing. Everyone has played the role of Monday morning quarter­back or armchair coach. In that role, we see things that need to be fixed for the team to perform more effectively. Passing stats are off — get a new quarterback. Two missed PTAs — get a new kicker. The armchair coaches will tell you, The team is designed to get the results it is getting.

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Topics: Leadership Development

Jazz Arts Group of Columbus presents the Bria Skonberg Quintet

Posted by William Hutter on September 25, 2014

Sequent, a proud sponsor of the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus Inside Track Series, presents the Bria Skonberg Quintet at the LincolnTheatre in Columbus on Friday, October 10th 8pm. Come and enjoy this powerhouse group from the New York jazz scene!!!

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The Here & Now: Status quo bars companies from exploring new ways to operate

Posted by Joe Cole on September 18, 2014

Status quo thinking manifests itself in many forms. One is a “this is the way we have always done it” mentality, an attitude that sometimes morphs into a company’s culture — and that in turn could stifle a company’s growth potential.

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Topics: Organizational Development

Is Your 401(k) Top Heavy?

Posted by Phil Scott on September 11, 2014

With the availability of Defined-Benefit Pension plans continuing to diminish as benefit offerings and the future of Social Security uncertain, 401(k) plans have evolved into a very popular benefit for employees to use for their retirement savings. In addition,company owners and administrators have used 401(k) plans as strategic planning tools to aid in recruiting and retaining key employees.

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Topics: Retirement Savings Plans

European-American Chamber of Commerce presents Transatlantic Business Symposium

Posted by Rita Hook on September 4, 2014

Sequent’s Bill Hutter will present at the European-American Chamber of Commerce Transatlantic Business Symposium on Monday, September 8th in the greater Cincinnati area.

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