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Social Security Remains Primary Retirement Income Source

Posted by Phil Scott on July 31, 2014

According to the AARP Public Policy Institute’s Sources of Income for Older Americans, 2012 report, Social Security remained the major source of income for individuals age 65 or older in 2012. The average annual amount received by Social Security retirement beneficiaries was $14,229.

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Topics: Retirement Savings Plans

Helping Employees Understand How HSAs Work – Part 2

Posted by Gerry Keener on July 22, 2014

Your employees have started a Health Savings Account (HSA). They’ve put some money away for medical expenses. So, how do they maximize the benefits of their HSA?

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Thinking About Expanding Overseas?

Posted by William Hutter on July 17, 2014

Why Europe? Europe is still the hottest place for medium size companies to expand. Acceptance of new businesses makes it a captivating marketplace for businesses coming from the US. There are however, mistakes made when US businesses assume that the new market will resemble home.  

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Attracting Talent - Avoid Common Hiring Mistakes

Posted by Li-Lun Chen on July 10, 2014

It’s no longer a buyer’s market for hiring managers. Companies that aren’t careful about the hiring process could be shut out when it comes to attracting top candidates. Websites like Glassdoor and Indeed allow people to write reviews about a company’s interview process. Creating a negative candidate experience could be very detrimental to the company and its image.

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Topics: Recruiting and Staffing

The Crackdown on Independent Contractors: What You Need to Know

Posted by William Hutter on July 1, 2014

A massive new "Misclassification Initiative" launched by the IRS and U.S. Department of Labor is targeting employers with more audits and closer scrutiny. 

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Topics: Compliance

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